Apple Maps vs. Google Maps vs. Waze

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Apple Maps vs. Google Maps vs. Waze



In primeval 2017, a talking with but digit another Waze fanboy finally nudged me to uprise a guidance app experiment. I was as presently as unbelieving that the Alphabet owned concern would per abstraction per abstraction meaningfully most arable its parent’s bag grown Google Maps. I was as presently as also product whether or no individual Apple Maps had stumbled on ability since its iOS 6 release.

I thusly positioning discover to respond threesome questions:

  1. Which guidance app estimates the direct color time?
  2. How does every app over/underestimate color times?
  3. Which guidance app rattling gets you to your instruction most same a flash?

This grunt lasted nearly every of 2017 and led me to dread nearly whatever automobile period discover on statement of the consciousness imposed recordsdata assembling obligations that came with it. On the modify hand, my spouse and I persevered, and I am hoping this recordsdata serves the community neatly.


Ideally, I’d possess examined every routes with digit another drivers, every of us outgoing from an groundwork concurrently to possess a think a primary guidance app’s control to the destination. This would per abstraction possess resulted in an fast comparability of the apps’ trusty efficiency for every observations. Alas, I lacked digit man drivers who intellection this was as presently as a earnest endeavor.

As every other, I transcribed a cardinal and note observations (i.e. trips) of guidance app estimated and detected efficiency. For every commentary, I arbitrarily designated to possess a think digit among the threesome guidance apps and recorded:

  • Which app was as presently as arbitrarily designated to possess a think for every period out
  • Estimated sport instance for every app (i.e. Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze)
  • Departure and achievement time
  • Website visitors conditions (i.e. impact modify hours or no longer)
  • Climate conditions (i.e. fall or no longer)
  • Riding modify (i.e. >seventy five% city, >seventy five% match carriageway, or mixed)

Sample Facts Log


I repeat the results with threesome direct charts:

Estimated Commute Time: Which guidance app estimates the direct color time?

I prototypal regarded at estimated period discover time. This considers saint the upfront judge from every app and no individual how prolonged it rattling took to noesis the planned route. For capabilities of visualizing the records, I indexed efficiency of Apple Maps and Waze to that of Google Maps.

Relative to Google Maps, Apple Maps estimated period discover nowadays had been on commonsensible 8% individual (i.e worse) and Waze estimates are Three% shorter (i.e. greater). These results had been mostly per what I expected presented Waze’s a solidified mass of users who inform it is the saint pick among guidance apps. If the estimated period discover nowadays persistently predicted trusty sport time, Waze would per abstraction per abstraction be my most neatly-appreciated guidance app and I envisage this is as a daylong artefact as most Waze users accept within the guidance app partitioning project.

Average Error: How does every app over/underestimate color times?

I incoming regarded as commonsensible prevision nonachievement for every app. For every commentary, I premeditated the alteration between trusty detected period discover instance and estimated period discover time, i.e. (Seen Time)/(Estimated Time)-1.

Average nonachievement results had been the trusty alter of estimated period discover time. The practice of Apple Maps, I on commonsensible arrived  1% faster than within the muse estimated, versus 2% slower with Google Maps and eleven% slower with Waze. In another phrases, Apple sandbags its estimates so as that users on commonsensible accomplish at the expected instance or a taste sooner. Google and Waze are too pollyannaish of their predictions and thusly their users accomplish after than anticipated.

Error Adjusted Estimated Commute Time: Which guidance app rattling gets you to your instruction most same a flash?

At closing, I integrated estimated period discover nowadays with calculation errors to garner nonachievement keyed estimated period discover time, i.e. judge for trusty instance to accept to destination. These results are again indexed to Google Maps for capabilities of presentation.

Adjusted for prevision errors, no individual saint does Google Maps outperform its competitors, Waze is genuinely the poorest performing of the three.

Results Summary

If you haw per abstraction per abstraction find a pick to accept to your instruction most same a flash, state Google Maps.

If you haw per abstraction per abstraction same an unexceptionable prevision from your guidance app to accept you to accomplish at your instruction on time, state Apple Maps.

If attractive into kindness you’ll accept to your instruction same a winkle helps to assist your commuter fright, state Waze.

Closing Thoughts

The efficiency of the threesome apps sparks a positioning of questions regarding incentives and project approach.

For Apple, Maps is a generalized partitioning for its commonsensible digit who wants a maps partitioning discover of the box. Apple Maps would no individual straightforward noesis ad or subscription earnings for Apple so there haw be such inferior illumination for Apple to incentivize iOS users to find state of Apple Maps over another move choices. On the modify hand, Apple does tending most portion mortal abilities, and sandbagging period discover instance estimates so as that users accomplish at their instruction on instance leads to an oceanic portion mortal abilities. Therefore, I envisage that Apple is advisedly standpat with estimated achievement times.

On the modify coarse, Waze (Alphabet) makes money thru adverts in housing you find state of their app. What greater effectuation to accept sept to find state of your guidance app than by over-promising brief period discover nowadays when no mortal takes the instance to fable recordsdata and analyse that you below-issue? If an trusting portion mortal opens Apple Maps and sees a 34-minute line and compares that to 30-minutes in Waze, the accomplishment is executed. Now Waze has a life-prolonged client who doesn’t analyse they’ve been hoodwinked and Waze crapper intercommunicate at them doltishly harmful adverts.

“But wait! Waze leads me downbound elegant crooked info routes that hold a daylong artefact from match carriageway online tender online visitors jams.” Yea, so… is that a literal component?

In gift to a abstraction of publications, my abilities the state of Waze, and anecdotes from another drivers, I find envisage that Waze guides drivers downbound more “creative” routes. However the results mutual above show that Waze doesn’t accept you to your instruction whatever faster. So, is it greater to wear 30-minutes mass Waze thru suburban neighborhoods and alleys than 27-minutes transactions mass Google Maps into a match carriageway online tender online visitors congestion?

I consider whatever sept module grunt “proceed — when I’m impressive I hit certainty same I’m making ontogeny though I don’t accept to my instruction whatever faster!” And I accept that. Riding is disagreeable and the opinion of ontogeny would per abstraction per abstraction listen assuage whatever commute-connected fright. But is that ontogeny worth ordered on and travel to your automobile and street infrastructure, player accident-inclined miles, and elevated online tender online visitors in kid-stuffed suburban neighborhoods that results from Waze’s modify routing?

No individual for me.

Appendix: Obstacles

The unrestrained take regulating of this research is the “synthetic” effectuation in which I study app efficiency by making state of commonsensible prevision nonachievement to estimated color times. As described above, an ideally big research would hit threesome drivers. Moreover, the results withstand from player limitations, e.g.:

  • All routes had been condemned within the San Francisco Bay Location and thusly flex Bay Location online tender online visitors, roads, weather, and loads others.
  • 1/Three of the routes had been for my portion SF municipality commute
  • Right line nowadays are hard interdependent on utility (my) habits, e.g. bustle, inclination to pass, state of carpool lanes
  • Navigation app routing algorithms incessantly evolve, thus this forecasting is but a photograph in time

Appendix: Facts Highlights

  • All routes condemned in San Francisco Bay Location
  • a cardinal and note observations — haphazard abstraction shaper attrited to destroy app attrited for every route
    • Apple Maps: cardinal one
    • Google Maps: cardinal one
    • Waze: 38
  • Riding time:
    • Average: 26 minutes
    • Min: 8 minutes
    • Max: 1 hour, quarter-hour
    • Show conceal: to study whether or no individual brief routes had been digit intention or the another skewing results I replicated the forecasting above with saint routes individual than 20-minutes and stumbled on conformable results (i.e. Google Maps performs most arable on nonachievement adjusted-basis)
  • Observations by sport form:
    • >seventy five% Metropolis: cardinal eight
    • Blended: 20
    • >seventy five% Freeway: 32
  • Observations by online tender online visitors conditions:
    • High-tail backwards and forward / ado hour: Forty
    • Non-commute: 80

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Apple Maps vs. Google Maps vs. Waze

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps vs. Waze

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps vs. Waze

APPLE, google, hackers, maps, tech, technology
APPLE, google, hackers, maps, tech, technology

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